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To put an end to homelessness in Kern County through collaborative planning and action.

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For information: Homelessness Resources Administrative Assistant Jessica M. Janssen (661) 834-1580 or 



2017 CoC Application & Priority Listing
2017 CoC Consolidated Application and Priority Listing available for review.
2017 CoC Ranking
2017 CoC Ranking Panel
2017 State ESG NOFA
County of Kern Emergency Solutions Grant Notice of Funding Availability for the State of California Joint Federal Emergency Solutions Grant and California Emergency Solutions Grant Program 2017 Notice of Funding Availability For the Continuum of Care Allocation Grant Application and Instructions: 2017 State ESG NOFA ALL POTENTIAL APPLICANTS SHOULD NOTE THE DUE DATE OF July 10, 2017 BEF... more 
The Spring Full Membership meeting will be held at 9:30am on Tuesday, March 28, to present the annual Homeless Point in Time Count results. The meeting will be held in conjunction with the March Board meeting. Baker Street Community Center, 1015 Baker THE MEETING IS ACCESSIBLE VIA PHONE 800-444-2801 / CONFERENCE # 5964568
ESG NOFA Released
The County of Kern ESG NOFA has been released.
The 2016 applicants to the HUD Continuum of Care grant, received the initial announcement that all of Tier 1, and a portion of Tier 2, were funded. Please see the spreadsheet attached to see the funding award breakdown. The KCHC, serves as the Continuum of Care for Bakersfield/Kern County. We are hopeful that the remaining three agencies (Women's Center-High desert, Griffin's Gate and Community Ac ...more 
Homeless Youth in Kern, and What You Need to Know
An outline of the current status of homeless youth in Kern, what you need to know and how you can help.
2017 Homeless Point in Time Count-Need Volunteers
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Volunteers are needed for the 2017 Homeless Point in Time Count, January 26, 2017. The event will take place from 4am to 8am on the day of. Participants will participate in a 2.5 hour training January 11,9a-11a; or January 12, 1-4pm (whichever is convenient). Volunteers are asked to please register at website by clicking "Volunteers". Please indicate if yo ...more 
Homeless Youth - the Silent Epidemic
Part of the Community Coffee Conversation Series this October 13, 6-7:30pm (childcare provided) helps parents and families know how to address youth on the risk of moving out, running away or being kicked out. Youth (ages 14-24) is one of the fastest increasing homeless subpopulations in the U.S. 1/5 of the nation's homeless youth live in California. The number of homeless youth in Kern (221 KHSD ...more 
The Full Membership of the KCHC meets twice each year in compliance with the Governing Board Charter and The HEARTH Act. The KCHC has chosen to use the fall meeting as a year-in-review, celebrate accomplishments achieved, to ratify new members and proxies, approve the Governance Charter, and to vote for the open positions of the Governing Board.
KCHC as CoC to apply for $5million through HUD
The Kern County Homeless Collaborative, in its role of the Continuum of Care (or CoC) for Bakersfield / Kern County (CA-604), will collect local project applications from agencies interested in the collective work of ending and preventing homelessness; and submit a consolidated grant for the entire county. REVIEW THE APPLICATION AND PRIORITY LISTING HERE!
Bakersfield - Funding Handbook & Comment Invite
The City of Bakersfield’s Funding Handbook and FY 2015-16 Draft Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) is available for review.Written comments will be accepted beginning September 2 and ending September 17. After the 15 day public review period expires, the CAPER will be finalized and submitted to HUD prior to September 28.
Read this simple document to understand Housing First, the most studied and successful philosophy towards ending homelessness.
County ESG Grant DEADLINE EXTEND for Applicants
The County of Kern announces that the State ESG application deadline has been extended from August 24th to before 4 PM Tuesday, September 6, 2016. The link on the County's web page at to reflect the new due date as well as a couple of corrections as noted in the revised NOFA/Application.
2016 NOFA Letter of Interest Released
The Kern County Homeless Collaborative, in its role of the Continuum of Care for Bakersfield/Delano/Kern County (CA-604) has received the notice of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development NOFA. In response and in anticipation of the release of the consolidated and project applications, a Legal Notice has been published in the Bakersfield Californian [The Bakersfield Californian publicat ...more 

Julian Castro, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
HUD Awards $4.79 Million to Kern Homeless Work
The Kern County Homeless Collaborative serves as the Continuum of Care for Bakersfield/Kern County. Functioning as a Housing First community, housing is prioritized for people with the longest histories of homeless-ness and greatest need. Priority is established by administering the VI-SPDAT, an interview prioritization tool to identify those most vulnerable. Participants are matched to appropriat ...more 

Richard Kemp, left, and Tom Clark interview Larry along the Kern riverbed during the Kern County Homeless Collaborative's Census Team survey on Thursday, January 28, 2016. PHOTO: MICHAEL FAGANS, UNITED WAY OF KERN COUNTY [COPYRIGHT 2016]
The 2016 Point in Time Committee of the Kern County Homeless Collaborative (KCHC) reports that on the single day of January 27-28, 2016, 1,067 people were experiencing homelessness in Kern County - sleeping outside, in an emergency shelter or transitional housing. This reflects a 31% decrease since the first Census in 2007 and a 12% increase (113 people more) reported since January 2015. 2007-1,5 ...more 
Community Gathering - ONLY TOGETHER! APRIL 5
You’re invited to the Community Gathering of KCHC’s community partners and members for “ONLY TOGETHER..." can we end homelessness! April 5, 9:30am, Baker Community Center, 1015 Baker --Committees will share their work and invite you to participate in the right fit for you! --The 2016 Census information will be shared and a brief question and answer period will follow! Press interviews should b ...more 
KCHC Coordinated Entry and Assessment Plan
Members of the KCHC support the “COMMUNITY DATA” vs. “AGENCY DATA” concept and that Members work together for the good of the community - especially the population who are homeless or at risk for homelessness, whom we serve; as well as supporting each other in this collective work. A Coordinated Entry and Assessment Plan is in place to ensure that every KCHC member (CoC funded or not) are "open do ...more 
KCHC Submits $5m HUD Homelessness Grant
Each year the local Continuum of Care for HUD, known locally as the Kern County Homeless Collaborative, submits a consolidated application for funding. 24 New and renewing grants are being submitted for the 2016-2017 year to support efforts to end homelessness. While not all members of the Collaborative choose to submit applications, these funds provide a full range of wraparound housing and suppo ...more 
Ranking Process for HUD CoC NOFA Bakersfield/Kern
The 2015 HUD CoC Program Ranking Process is underway in Kern County. Administered by the Collaborative Applicant United Way, the process the LOI (published 9/26/2015 and 10/14/2015 in the Bakersfield Californian, distributed to more than 1,000 individuals and agencies on the KCHC listserv, and posted on the website) includes ranking guides, a matrix of prior performance, and inter ...more 
KCHC accepts LOI for 2015 HUD NOFA
The Kern County Homeless Collaborative serves as the Continuum of Care (CoC) for the Bakersfield/Kern area. Under the CoC program for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development the annual NOFA was released: The KCHC is accepting LOIs for the 2015 HUD NOFA. See the LOI below published in the Bakersfield ...more 
The annual Veterans Stand Down will be held October 8 at Stramler Park. This event is crucial to connecting veterans, especially those at risk for homelessness or already experiencing homelessness. In the last two years organizers California Veterans Assistance Foundation has seen around 450 attendees.

We are ending homelessness by working with partners and residents towards community solutions.
The Kern County Homeless Collaborative is a vibrant, passionate entity working throughout Kern County only because its Members (nonprofits, government, business, individuals, homeless consumers) care about ending homeless and Community Partners join in the work. Read and share this linnk with others to share the good work with others!
Vicki Davis has been homeless on and off for more than 30 years. "I don't remember dates," she said, "I'm terrible with them". But the Homeless Collaborative was able, with a family member, to determine she lived at Tent City for five years and hasn't had a place to call home since 1986. Corporation for Better Housing, as a landlord, was able to help Vicki get into an apartment along with the hel ...more 
MEMBERSHIP HELPS END HOMELESSNESS. Through membership you are equipping and empowering a collective work and investing in our community, to end homelessness. Membership allows promotion of your agency efforts, provides networking opportunities, and entitles you to apply to be part of the nearly $5 million dollar US Housing and Urban Development Grant Application from the KCHC as the Continuum of ...more 
Homeless Census Volunteers Needed
The Kern County Homeless Collaborative announces the kickoff of the annual Homelessness Census, (aka the Point-in-Time Count). The 2016 Homelessness Census of Sheltered and Unsheltered Homeless Persons will take place throughout Kern County during a 24-hour period Wednesday, January 27 through Thursday, January 28. On this website ( select "Volunteer" to register. You will ...more 
Sad Day, Union Tent City Walls Come Down, and More
It was a very sad day today for the Kern County Homeless Collaborative, and even more so for the residents who have chosen to live at the Union Avenue encampment known as Tent City, as the City of Bakersfield’s Code Enforcement Department removed the walls, fence and tent homes. Dozens of service providers and community partners join with the residents in mourning the loss of what these househo ...more 

2015 Homelessness Census
The Kern County Homeless Collaborative (KCHC) is pleased to announce the results of the annual 2015 Homelessness Census for the intention of keeping the community informed about the work of ending homelessness; for strategic planning, community development, and local and federal governments. The 24 hour Census was conducted Thursday, January 22, through Friday, January 23. The KCHC has organized a ...more 
Youth - The Invisible Homeless
The Kern County Homeless Collaborative (KCHC), as part of a state wide effort, will add a youth homelessness focus to the annual Homelessness Census taking place Friday, January 23. The effort is made possible by a $2,000 grant received by the KCHC from the California Homeless Youth Project (CHYP). The Project is led by UC Berkeley and funded by California Wellness Foundation. Ages 12 to 24 are no ...more 
Thankful for a home
After being homeless for several years Fredrick Herrera is spending Thanksgiving having moved into a place he can call home.
HUD announces $3.75m in local funding
US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julian Castro announced January 26, 2015, the awarding of $1.8 billion in grants to support nearly 8,400 homeless housing and service programs across the US. The Continuum of Care (CoC) grants awarded today included $3,750,970 for Kern County.
Hunger and Homelessness Week
We believe that understanding the issue is always the first step in resolving it. Watch this week, Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, for a social media campaign about the myths and realities of homelessness. Here are some resources with great information about the challenges of being homeless and working to end homelessness, and happenings around the county, November 15-23, 2014!
KCHC selected for Zero: 2016 national effort
Kern County has been selected as one of 68 US communities to participate in ‘Zero: 2016’, a two year national campaign to end veteran and chronic homelessness. The Kern County Homeless Collaborative (KCHC) will work intensively to lead the local effort to meet end veteran homelessness by December 2015 and chronic homelessness by December 2016. The initiative is a rigorous follow-up to the successf ...more 
2014 Kern County Point-In-Time Homeless Count
The Kern County Homeless Collaborative has announced the results of its recently completed Point-in-Time Homeless Census.
Homeless Collaborative invites census workers
Kern County Homeless Collaborative invites 250 volunteers to help conduct a countywide Homelessness Census January 22 through 23, 2015.
Kern County is an amazing place and opportunities are in motion to serve, receive assistance, and be a community UNITED! Read more about the holiday happenings. To be considered and included in this website list, submit your holiday events to
Kern County Homeless Collaborative applies for $4m
The Kern County Homeless Collaborative (KCHC) has submitted its annual application to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the 2014-2015 funding year, in the amount of $4.5 million. The local application is part of $1.83 billion nationally that HUD has made available to Continuums of Care (CoC), regional or local planning bodies that coordinate funding for housing and serv ...more 

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